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Welcome to the enchanting world of Black Feathers, where the mystical and profound power of feathers comes alive. Discover the captivating symbolism and blessings behind these ethereal gifts from the heavens.


For centuries, feathers have held a sacred place in cultures worldwide, believed to carry messages and blessings from the divine. They serve as a spiritual conduit, bridging the gap between Earth and sky. Each feather, with its unique color, holds its own significance and offers a distinct message.

At Black Feathers, we embrace the symbolism of the Black Feather, a symbol of profound arcane knowledge. Revered by shamans and spiritual leaders, it represents the wisdom and guidance bestowed upon us from realms beyond our own.

Throughout my personal journey, I have been blessed with the appearance of various types and sizes of Black Feathers. These mystical encounters occurred precisely when I was in moments of release, healing, and transformation. The appearance of these feathers was a powerful sign, assuring me that I was not alone. It signaled divine protection and guidance, promising clarity and understanding on the horizon.

Our logo features the majestic Peacock Feather, a symbol of wellness, vision, spirituality, balance, growth, and the ability to repel negativity while fostering positivity. It was on the day when I discovered three feathers lying together, that I knew Black Feathers had come to life. Guided by my spiritual allies, I found the answers and clarity I sought, paving the way for my purposeful work to unfold.

Embrace the profound wisdom and celestial messages that Black Feathers bring. Let them inspire and guide you on your own transformative journey. Together, let us explore the realms of higher knowledge and spirituality, unlocking the secrets that will empower and illuminate your path.

Prepare to be captivated by the hidden meanings and blessings that Black Feathers reveal. Join us on this mystical voyage as we embrace the divine guidance and protection that surrounds us, empowering our spirits and enriching our lives.

All About

Lisa Alaiana

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I have a profound passion for guiding individuals towards success, happiness, love, and abundance in their lives by tapping into their innate wisdom. With my exceptional intuitive abilities as a clairsentient, clairaudient, and empath, I offer a transformative experience that connects you with your energy, spiritual guides, and angels. Together, we'll unlock messages that have the power to empower you and manifest the life you truly desire.

In my readings, I employ a range of powerful techniques, including angel tarot, oracle cards, and numerology, to unveil profound clarity and help you rise above the chaos in your mind. By accessing these divine tools, we can illuminate the path ahead, enabling you to make informed decisions that shape a future aligned with your highest aspirations.

Imagine gaining a deep understanding of your life's purpose, receiving personalized guidance, and witnessing the limitless possibilities that lie within your grasp. Allow me to accompany you on this enlightening journey, where we transcend limitations, unlock your inner potential, and create a reality filled with joy, love, and fulfillment.

Embark on this transformative experience and let your intuition soar as we co-create a future brimming with possibilities. Together, we'll navigate the currents of life, unlock the hidden treasures within you, and unveil the path to the extraordinary life that awaits.

Lisa's expertise include:

Psychic,Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Card Readings

Spiritual Guidance

Aura Clearing & Chakra Awareness

Sound & Energy Healing

Dream Analysis

Native American Astrology

Love and Relationship Readings


Black feathers


"I get so much healing from the readings and a whole new outlook on what to focus on. I just want to share Black Feathers healing with everyone."

~ Jessica T.


"Lisa has such a good vibe and I always feel so connected to her.  So far all of my readings with her have been spot on.

~ Nicki Jo

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