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Black feathers

Have feathers ever crossed your path?  Finding feathers is believed to be a message from the heavens, the angels sending a message or blessing to the finder.

Since the beginning of time various cultures around the world consider feathers magical and to be a special message from the heavens.  Birds have always been considered sacred. Ancient cultures believed that birds carried prayers and wishes from the earth to the sky.  There are many colors of feathers as there are messages and blessings.

The Black Feather has similar meaning as the white feather but as the founder of  Black Feathers it is a symbol of arcane knowledge.  Black Feathers have long been associated with Shamans and spiritual leaders gifting the knowledge and wisdom from beyond.

Along the journey, Black Feathers of many types and sizes had randomly appeared on my path.  The feathers would appear when I was in a moment of releasing, healing and transformation.  Finding the Black Feathers was a sign to me, to let me know that I was not alone, I was being protected and guided by the heavens and that soon I would have a sense of clarity and understanding. 


Black Feathers logo is actually a Peacock feather symbolizing wellness, vision, spirituality, balance, growth, repelling negativity and raising positivity.   Black Feathers was born the day I found three feathers lying together after asking my guides and angels for guidance and clarity on moving forward with my work.


All About

Lisa Alaiana

DonaMaria y Me 2014.JPG

Lisa is an experienced and esteemed visionary enabling you to connect with the wisdom of your soul and authentic self.  She is an intuitive, clairsentient, empath, and clairaudient specializing in healing and transformation.  She has been trained by the shamans and healers throughout the world specializing in various sound and energy healing modalities.

A session will transform and inspire cultivating clarity and powerful insight so that you may begin clearing the pathway to success, happiness, passion and full abundance in your life.  Her readings delve into the Akashic records to discover your soul's perfection. Her healings are an experience bringing awareness to the present moment leaving you with a sense of empowerment and peace of mind.   Lisa's expertise include:

Psychic,Tarot, Angel, and Oracle Card Readings

Spiritual Guidance

Aura Clearing & Chakra Awareness

Sound & Energy Healing

Dream Analysis

Native American Astrology

Love and Relationship Readings

Akashic Soul Healing


"I get so much healing from the readings and a whole new outlook on what to focus on. I just want to share Black Feathers healing with everyone."

~ Jessica T.


"Lisa has such a good vibe and I always feel so connected to her.  So far all of my readings with her have been spot on.

~ Nicki Jo

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