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Grand Canyon



Not just tours, but journeys into discovery! Our tours are uniquely designed with your specific needs and desired outcome in mind.  Black Feathers tours are one of a kind heartfelt adventures that guarantee a memorable experience.   All that is required is a sense of adventure and an open mind.

There are no two tours alike when you select the BLACK FEATHERS DISCOVERY tour.  Each and every journey is customized for your particular group or desired outcome. Experience the magic of Sedona and its beautiful surroundings experiencing the connection with the vortex and Mother Nature.

Other services we offer which may not be listed below are: Full Moon Ceremonies, Home and Land Blessings, Native Medicine Wheel, Labyrinth teachings and Native American Astrology.

A psychic card reading can be added on to any of our tours.

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Sedona under the stars

EXPLORATION & EDUCATION! Experience Sedona under the stars as you learn and enjoy the splendor and mystery of the night sky. Creating a sacred space that welcomes the exploration of our inter-dimensional connections. We invite you to enter a higher frequency and connection with nature's spirit and beyond.  




No hiking required

SCENIC ADVENTURE & VISUAL EXPERIENCE!  Discover the magic of Sedona by luxury SUV. You will explore and learn about the energy and healing of a vortex and how to find and connect anywhere in nature. Once in a life time photo opportunities 




Sacred Land


A 2 hour journey into various Shamanic practices and beliefs which will enlighten your senses as you contemplate your life path connecting with your inner spiritual teacher.  A adventure designed for deep personal discovery and healing. 

*Min. 2 people Max. 4 people


Contact directly if preferred time is not available on the booking schedule.  
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