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black feathers

enlightened discovery

Grand Canyon

“Lisa is a person with an intimate relationship with nature and beyond, which allows her to perceive energies that may be intangible to others."

~ Joanne S.

Meditating in Nature

My husband and I have experienced a Black Feathers retreat in Sedona. The place goes beyond magical, the retreat is structured like a good term paper for an advanced class in college."

~ Alicia M.

"I get so much healing from the readings and a whole new outlook on what to focus on. I just want to share Black Feathers healing with everyone."

~ Jessica T.

Reiki Treatment

“I had an extraordinary psychic reading, uncannily intuitive- all that was said resonated  deeply with me allowing me to take the guidance and interoperation to heart." 

~ A. E. Miller

Image by Darryl Brian
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