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Black Feathers

Explore the sacred healing power of Sedona and the surrounding red rock areas with BLACK FEATHERS. Treat yourself to transformative experiences designed to heighten your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

For those seeking a unique and heartfelt adventure, as well as healing or insightful readings, BLACK FEATHERS can customize our services to align with your desired outcome. Whether you're an individual or part of a group, we cater to all sizes.

Embark on a journey of inspiration and enlightened discovery with our offerings, tailored to meet your specific needs. Choose from our diverse range of services, including readings and healings, to start your transformative experience.

Even if you're not in the Sedona area, you can still partake in an enlightened discovery. Explore your innermost feelings, address current life issues, or redirect your life's path with our remote healing sessions or virtual psychic and intuitive card readings.



Insight, clarity, guidance, creative approaches and a deeper understanding to your life's questions and challenges. Offering Tarot, Angel, Aura, Numerology,Native Astrology and Distance Readings.



Holistic treatments and a natural approach to energize and find inner peace. You will feel free and clear of all the stresses life may be placing upon you. Shamanic and native techniques to heal your body, mind and soul.

Healing and Self-Discovery


Our expert energy clearing services are dedicated to harmonizing your home, land, personal or business space, creating an environment infused with balance and tranquility.

Explore the sacred healing power of Sedona
 Healing on the land, Sightseeing,UFO tours, Psychic readings and more!
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By appointment only


Sedona, AZ  USA

*Virtual readings available from anywhere in the world! 

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