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My Work ~ Spiritual Visions

Welcome to the Spiritual Visions Gallery, where the ethereal meets the tangible through the lens of a spirit photographer. Immerse yourself in a realm of captivating images that go beyond the ordinary, as I specialize in capturing the unseen—spirits, energy, orbs, and enigmatic unidentified objects. Each photograph tells a story of the mystical, offering a glimpse into the otherworldly dimensions that coexist with our own. Join me on a visual journey that transcends the boundaries of the known, inviting you to explore the profound beauty and mystery that exists within the realm of spiritual energy.

Jesus stick w 2 orbs.jpg

Nature's cross - BEFORE APPARITION

Jesus Stick (2).JPG

Divine apparition

In the quiet moments of an ordinary day, a seemingly mundane walk turned into a divine encounter. As I strolled along, my eyes were drawn to a simple stick lying on the path, its shape resembling a cross. Feeling a subtle nudge from within, I decided to pick it up, carrying with me.

Upon my return home, I placed the stick in a potted plant, as if anchoring a symbol of faith in the soil. Little did I know that this act would become the gateway to a profound spiritual revelation.

In the gentle morning light, I felt a calling to capture the essence of that moment. As I aimed my camera at the stick, something extraordinary unfolded. The photograph revealed not just a stick, but the ethereal manifestation of Jesus on the cross. A sacred energy permeated the image, transcending the physical form of the stick.

To my amazement, three orbs formed a perfect triangle around the apparition—a divine dance symbolizing the Holy Trinity. Above the figure of Jesus, another apparition emerged, resembling Mother Mary cradling a baby. The serenity and grace captured in that moment spoke of a connection to the divine, a celestial presence that had chosen to reveal itself through the lens of my camera.

This photograph stands as a testament to the mysterious ways in which the sacred intertwines with the ordinary. It is a visual symphony of faith, an invitation to contemplate the mystical beauty that often lies hidden in the simplest of moments.


In the rhythmic heartbeat of a Winter Solstice drumming ceremony, I found myself immersed in the energies of the ancient and the mystical. It was during this sacred gathering that I had the extraordinary opportunity to connect with El Chan, an ancient native spirit whose presence manifested in a profound photograph. The beats of the drums seemed to transcend time, and as I gazed through the lens of my camera, I captured the ethereal essence of El Chan.

Through a deep connection with this ancient spirit, I learned that El Chan is the revered guardian of the waters, a timeless entity with roots stretching back to around 450 or 500 AD. In the echoes of spiritual communication, El Chan revealed the sacred duty entrusted to him—watching over the waters, ensuring their purity and sanctity throughout the ages. The photograph became a vessel for the transmission of this ancient wisdom, capturing the spirit's timeless vigilance and guardianship.

Even in the contemporary world, the connection with El Chan persists On occasion, El Chan continues to impart guidance and insights, bridging the gap between the distant past and the present. The photograph serves as a tangible link to a spiritual heritage, a testament to the enduring presence of an ancient guardian and the harmonious dance between the sacred and the contemporary.

Alien being may 17 2013_edited.jpg

In the mist - other worldly being

In the serene ambiance of a full moon ceremony, while preparing for the event and tending to the fire, I noticed peculiar lights flickering in the canyon. Curiosity led me to snap photos of these unusual lights. Upon reviewing the images, I was surprised to discover the subtle outline of a winged, unknown being amidst the misty atmosphere.


This photograph captures a moment of intersection between worlds, where the veil between the seen and the unseen is momentarily lifted. The winged figure stands as a testament to the mystical energies that can manifest in the quietude of a canyon, leaving an indelible mark on the tapestry of the night.

embraced by orbs of light

In a quiet healing setting, I began a session combining hands-on and sound healing, seeking to create a peaceful and restorative atmosphere. As I worked, a recording device silently captured the session, including an unexpected element – orbs. These small, luminous spheres appeared in the footage, surrounding me and filling the room.

The orbs, gentle and subtle, seemed to respond to the healing sounds, creating a serene ambiance. They covered my body and moved gracefully throughout the space, enhancing the overall experience. The recording, rather than a dramatic display, became a quiet documentation of the interconnectedness between healing energy and the visible manifestations that can occur in such sessions.

This unassuming encounter with orbs serves as a gentle reminder of the subtle wonders that can accompany healing practices. The recorded imagery invites reflection on the harmonious interplay between the seen and the unseen, offering a nuanced perspective on the integration of spirituality and healing.

Healing Session 2_edited_edited.jpg

Illuminated sound healing

In the soothing embrace of a sound healing session, a moment of profound luminosity unfolded, captured in this evocative photograph. As I immersed myself in the therapeutic sounds, channeling healing vibrations, a gentle cascade of blue and white light descended from above, enveloping the chest of the client in a radiant glow.

The photograph captures not just a sound healing session but a convergence of energies – the harmonious interplay of healing frequencies and ethereal illumination. The celestial light, a subtle yet powerful presence, adds a layer of depth to the therapeutic experience, symbolizing the transcendent nature of the healing process.

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